Deco Cornice Moulding Cross Sections

Deco: Our deco moulding is minimal, and striking. It’s perfect for the DIY homeowner on the cutting edge. As with all things art deco, this moulding is all about sleek, geometric shapes and a thoroughly contemporary approach to luxury. It lends an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic to rooms you’re looking to elevate without disturbing their modern feel.

NU Crown Mouldings the most durable, crack-proof product on the market, with super-easy joint work—and the joints will never separate. It’s all thanks to our proprietary flexible plaster coating, which is sandable and ready to paint (no primer required).
For ease of installation and to reduce shipping costs, Nu Crown Mouldings are shipped in a 47-inch length. Our Mouldings are also available in 8’ length. For these mouldings, special transportation arrangements must be made. Once information is submitted, it will be reviewed by the sales department. You will be contacted promptly for shipping and payment options.

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