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NU Crown Mouldings Styles

Unsure which crown moulding style is right for your home? With our versatile designs, It’s hard to go wrong, but you can rely on our handy style guide for extra tips.

How to choose the correct crown moulding size.

Crown mouldings can give rooms proportion and balance by adding a decorative transition in the wall-to-ceiling area. To determine the correct width for your project, consider your room’s dimensions and style. The key is to strike a balance between overly large mouldings, which can overwhelm a space and cause it to look cramped, and a too-small moulding, which won’t provide the impact you’re looking for.

Here’s a helpful rule of thumb. Generally, you can use ceiling height to determine the ideal moulding width for a given room.

-For an 8’ ceiling, the recommended crown moulding width is 4″to 6″

-9’ tall ceilings can sustain a larger moulding, typically 7” to 8″

-And for ceilings that are 10 feet or taller, a larger crown moulding is necessary—9” and up is recommended.

For ease of installation and to reduce shipping costs, Nu Crown Mouldings are shipped in a 47-inch length. 8’ mouldings also available—for this option, shipping costs will be calculated on an individual basis. Please contact Nu Crown Mouldings for details.

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