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Why NU Crown Mouldings ?

For an enduring symbol of craftsmanship and luxury, you would think that crown mouldings would be difficult and expensive to install. While that was true for most of history, modern fabrication technology has made beautiful mouldings accessible to homeowners with even the most basic DIY skills. Whether in a home or condominium, Nu Crown Mouldings can be installed by a single person with basic tools and minimal mess. They’re lightweight, easy to handle, and can be glued directly to concrete ceilings without special supports.

Worried about the longevity of DIY crown mouldings? Worry no more. Ours are the most durable, crack-proof product on the market, with super-easy joint work—and the joints will never separate. It’s all thanks to our proprietary flexible plaster coating, which is sandable and ready to paint (no primer required).

Best of all, they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to our high-grade materials, NU Crown Mouldings eliminate common problems associated with MDF, LDF, HDF, PVC, wood, polyurethane, plaster, and uncoated EPS/XPS (Styrofoam) mouldings. Achieve high-end, professional results without spending a fortune—all with the safety of a lifetime guarantee.

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    Crown moulding corners
    Coffered ceiling

    7 Simple Steps to Install NU Crown Mouldings

    1. Using a tape measure on the wall-to-ceiling spot where you would like to place the moulding, determine your desired length.
    2. Cut crown moulding to that length.
    3. Apply adhesive to the back of the moulding.
    4. Install by placing crown moulding onto your desired place.
    5. Seal joints and gaps with caulking or drywall mud.
    6. Lightly sand the joints and gaps that have been sealed.
    7. Paint (no primer necessary); premium quality latex flat paint is recommended.

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