How NU Crown Mouldings Differ From Traditional Mouldings

Modern Crown Mouldings

Once exclusively the domain of wealthy homeowners with grand estates, DIY crown mouldings have never been more accessible. From understated and modern to elaborate, ornate designs, new advances in crown moulding technology have opened the arena to accommodate nearly every budget and experience level, eliminating the need for professional installation and dramatically reducing costs.

Wood, plaster, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are traditional materials for crown mouldings. Each option has its drawbacks. Wood, though undeniably beautiful, is expensive, highly flammable, and prone to warping and rot. Pricey plaster mouldings are fragile during transportation and handling, and require professional installation. MDF is more cost-effective, but is prone to cracking at the joints, and is seriously lacking in the aesthetics department: relative to other options, it tends to have a shabby look.

Fortunately, today’s DIY-inclined homeowner can enjoy gorgeous, elegant interior mouldings with complete peace of mind and at a fraction of the cost. NU Crown Mouldings products—backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee—circumvent all the problems associated with traditional crown mouldings without compromising their visual appeal. Sound too good to be true? The key is a direct-to-consumer retail model and a revolutionary proprietary coating, which makes the mouldings flexible, sandable, durable, and remarkably easy to install.

As the manufacturer and retailer of these products, NU Crown Mouldings can offer disruptive mouldings technology with an unparalleled level of quality control—hence the lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. DIY homeowners looking to dramatically uplevel their home’s aesthetic (and, for flippers, increase ROI) can install our mouldings using readily available tools and finishing products. Simply refer to our handy installation guide, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you run into any problems on the way.

Take advantage of the hidden decorative potential in your walls, ceilings, and even attention-grabbing areas like mantles and fireplaces. Old-time glamour with modern convenience is the DIY homeowner’s prerogative.